It all starts with the bicycle and the pedestrian.
If it's bikeable & walkable, it's a livable, quality place!
Here are some links to get you started.

> Professional Organizations
> Parking Cash-Out and Commuter Choice

See also Community Partners  | Living Partners  

Professional Organizations
bills itself as the "urban planning portal."

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Planners
An excellent resource for building the bicycle and pedestrian planning profession. Every planner and civil engineer should join!

The National Council for Science and the Environment
Brings science to environmentalism.

Sustainable Building Industry Council
Busy bringing green buildings to the architecture and contractor professions.

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Parking Cashout and Commuter Choice Programs
USDOT’s Federal Transit Administration Site – A good overview of “Commuter Choice” programs. This site has probably the best readable descriptions of how the program works vis-a-vis compensation & tax policy

EPA’s commuter choice site
– Presents a lot of the same info as the FTA site, but also calculates the environmental benefits of PCO.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – Describes more tax code benefits of PCO within a local government context.

Connecticut’s “Deduct-a-Ride” program – Has some great sample worksheets to calculate both employer and employee tax-free benefits of PCO’s, transit & vanpool & carpool vouchers. It also details a phased-in implementation program.

Commuter Choice Program in King Co. – Washington (which encompasses Seattle) has a very well developed - including Parking Cashout - that is excellent It is a great example of how all of the programs could be brought together under one umbrella. Here is a descriptive report of the trials & tribulations King Co. had in implementing their program.

FTA’s “Commuter choice toolkit” – Lots of Q & A brochures (in pdf format) for both employers & employees. This could is good for “at a glance” explanation purposes.

More about Parking Cashout
Philosophical and environmental underpinning of Parking Cashout –From the Sierra Club

The visionary statement by Alan Durn – An Elmstreet Writers Group piece:
The urban renaissance going on across the country keeps running into parking problems—problems that could easily be avoided with a full-fledged cash-out program. Then throw out the old zoning codes and their parking minimums, allow developers to develop more densely, charge market rates for parking and lo & behold, cities will flourish, sprawl will get reigned in, energy supplies will stabilize, air will get cleaner and taxes will go down.

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