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Here’s what area leaders are saying about Parking Cash-Out….

"Madison’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods are experiencing significant growth and are poised for more. The question is, how do you get more activity downtown without creating major traffic headaches? I think Parking Cash-Out can be a significant part of the solution."
             – Madison Ald. Judy Olson

"One study published in Transportation Policy showed that parking cash-out programs reduced vehicle miles driven for commuting by 12%, carbon pollution by 807 pounds per employee per year, and carpooling increased by 9%."

"The city’s bike paths will have more people than ever zipping along them once people get wind of the fact that they can get cash for riding a bike."
     – Jeanne Hoffman, Executive Director, Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

"A parking cash-out program can help make the city’s real estate market more affordable. I think that you might see more people living closer to work so that they can just walk, bike or bus. A hundred dollars a month can make a big difference in housing affordability."
    – Jim Bradley, President, Home Savings