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Live well, do well. We have found that self-interests can be aligned with environmental & community ideals right at home. The easiest way to get going is to buy Energy Star rated appliances. You’ll pay a little more upfront, but consider it an investment. Expect an average annual 20% return on these energy efficiency investments.

Reduce the machinery in your life. Start by line drying your clothes—harness the essence of solar & wind power! Consider trading in your smog-belching lawn mower for the silent reel type. Then think about moving to a real, Mr. Rogers-type neighborhood designed with walking in mind —you know, those older, pre-WWII neighborhoods with manageable lawns surrounding ‘not-so-big houses.’ It’s likely that you’ll find that shopping, schools, and recreation are within easy reach without ever getting into a car. You might even find that your family can live without that second or third car. Many people are discovering that life without a car altogether —gasp!—can be quite profitable and achievable! You could save approximately $90,000 in home mortaging power (savings from the total cost of an average new car).

By living in a ‘location-efficient’ place, reducing the machinery in your life and purchasing only the most efficient appliances available, you can get on that home equity ladder earlier and on a higher rung. By living well environmentally, you can do well financially.

And remember, using less energy is also a community-friendly act– you are keeping the air and water cleaner, thus keeping kids healthier.